EuroGOOS AISBL (European Global Ocean Observing System) identifies priorities, enhances cooperation and promotes the benefits of operational oceanography to ensure sustained observations are made in Europe’s seas underpinning a suite of fit-for-purpose products and services for marine and maritime end-users.

EuroGOOS is the European component of the Global Ocean Observing System of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (IOC GOOS). EuroGOOS Secretariat is located in Brussels, serving 42 members and supporting five regional systems in Europe.

EuroGOOS working groups, networks of observing platforms (task teams), and regional systems (ROOS), provide fora for cooperation, unlock quality marine data and deliver common strategies, priorities and standards. These many EuroGOOS networks work towards integrated, sustained and fit-for-purpose European ocean observing, underpinning the EOOS framework.

EuroGOOS is the main umbrella organization for the Marine In-Situ data providers connecting about 100 Marine Institutes through the ROOSs and ensuring the link to the European landscape. The presence of EuroGOOS in the INSTAC partnership ensures its continuous support for accessing observations not yet integrated in the INSTAC portfolio. In the other side, EuroGOOS is involved in all the main European data initiatives and will act as a coordination body between INSTAC, EMODNET and SeaDataNET. EuroGOOS should also ensure the link
with the Copernicus In Situ coordination led by EEA.
EuroGOOS will also provide recommendations for the INSTAC service evolution based on the contracts with EEA and Mercator Océan results and will finally contribute to the promotion of the INSTAC within the EuroGOOS and ROOS.


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