We are the National Meteorological Service (NMS) for the United Kingdom and one of the world’s foremost weather and climate service providers. We support a large number of customers across civil aviation, defence, commerce and industry. We supply data, products and services to many countries throughout the world. Met Office scientific capability covers all timescales. When it comes to forecasting the weather for today, tomorrow and next week, the Met Office provides very accurate advice and guidance. Our four-day forecasts are now as accurate as our one day forecasts were 30 years ago. They rely on an accurate estimate of the current state of the weather, made by collecting observations from around the world each day.

The Met Office Hadley Centre is one of the UK’s foremost climate change research centres. We produce world-class guidance on the science of climate change and provide a focus in the UK for the scientific issues associated with climate science. Amongst other things, the Met Office Hadley Centre aims to monitor global and national climate variability and change over land and ocean.
Gathering and using global observations of ocean temperature and salinity are integral to many of our activities including: operational ocean forecasting; coupled weather forecasting; seasonal-to-decadal forecasting; development of ocean and coupled reanalyses; initialisation and evaluation of coupled climate models and monitoring of the current state of the climate. Ensuring the representativeness and quality of these observations is essential to ensuring the quality of the resultant products. The Met Office has developed data gathering and quality control systems to ensure this.

Met Office is working with Ocean Scope (Société collaborative ARL OceanScope) and CLS (Collecte Localisation Satellites) to define a new, easy to use version of the CORA dataset.