Submit Data

Submit data to CMEMS In Situ TAC

Ocean data from observations can be provided to CMEMS In Situ TAC in exchange of data management added value services:

  • More visibility: Data discovery and data access services
  • Real time quality control
  • Data formatting: NetCDF OceanSITES
  • Data disseminatrion to individual users, operational oceanography community such as GTS or Copernicus

Submit data to CMEMS In Situ TAC is easy, only Regional CMEMS In Situ TAC Service Desk has to be contacted:

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CMEMS INS TAC also collaborate with EMODnet and in particular EMODnet-Ingestion that seeks to identify and to reach out to other potential providers in order to make their data sets also part of the total offer. It aims at streamlining the data ingestion process so that data holders from public and private sectors that are not yet connected to the existing marine data management infrastructures can easily release their data for safekeeping and subsequent distribution channels as illustrated in the figure above. See for more details .